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It’s a fallacy that nutrition has to be boring and bland to be healthy OR to shred body fat. I wrote this sports recipe book to prove that, can’t tell you how frustrated I was eating tuna and rice all day! Tasty nutrition, that are easy to prepare will produce optimal results, now who doesn’t want that?

Most of the time food combo’s and diet regimes used traditionally in sports are very unsafe. They cut food groups, starve you to death, deplete you of carbs leaving you with pathetic training results and worse yet like a dead zombie on comp day. They do not produce the best results for competition.

Knowing which supplements to take is also very confusing. Often athletes are taking lethal combinations of supplements and getting no where fast! Just wasting a lot of money and time.

I developed this book to help my sporting clients put together quick nutritious meals and get their supplementation right,  that will help them become warriors in their own sport. Now I am offering it to you too.

This Recipe book is for professional and recreational athletes, the weekend warriors who want to get their nutrition right for optimal recovery, performance and body composition change.  Whatever your sporting needs are: bulk up, trim down, last the distance or power up, this book has it all.  Simple, quick to prepare recipes that contain all your macro counts. Recipes range from 5-20min preparation times, no special ingredients, simple ingredients you can whip up from your pantry.

The book lists recipes according to sports. Including power sports, endurance events, making weight and speed events. Sports listed are: body building bulking/sculpting and cutting, running, triathlon cycling, dance, rowing, swimming, dancing and martial arts.  Marco counts such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, sodium and sugar are clearly listed per serve with modifications according to body weight and metabolic needs.

It has fabulous meal plans to follow, for when your fed up with tuna, rice and steamed veggies, but don’t know what to cook?! This cutting edge recipe book will help you stick to your meal plans with fun interesting gourmet food. Which will make your sports nutrition tasty and enjoyable.  Training is hard enough, without eating bland food!

What are you waiting for ? To purchase my new ebook  Recipes for the weekend warrior click on the pay pal link. Allow email inbox delivery within 1 working day. For just $20 you will have the piece of mind, that your nutrition is matched perfectly to your training needs. If you have any questions about new and exciting ebook, please leave a comment.

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